While we continue to develop new products to extend our range of Java/Swing components, we also provide customized solutions to our customers through our services department. To fully leverage our expertise in Java and Swing application development, the services we provide are, for most part, focused on user interface design.

Consulting Service

Today's market is highly competitive, so it's very critical to provide a high quality application in a very short period of time. It's not easy to develop a large and complex Swing application from scratch. It's time consuming and risky. However using our experience and many ready-to-use components we already built, we can make your development phase much shorter, less risky and more cost efficient. We offer consulting services in following three categories (amongst others).


We understand that the developers are one of the most valuable assets in every company. That's why we are glad to provide training services to help the developer advance to the next level. We will provide tutorials, as well as workshops to cover advanced UI concepts, usability issues, advanced Swing topics and JIDE product training.

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Design Assistance

We understand the design of a product is important and are willing to offer professional services to make sure you have the best design that providing the most user-friendly interface. This design assistance includes case by case design review, where our professionals will help you with various design issues relating to UI programming, usability and aesthetics.

Application Frameworks

If time-to-market is one of your major considerations, we can help you. Since our engineers are the people who are familiar with our products the most, it's probably easier for them to use our products to create an application framework based on your requirements. All you need to do is to focus your expertise on the most value-added part of your application and let us worry about the user interface design.

Contracting Service

In case a brilliant idea or any great application needs a fast prototyping or quick product delivery, our top-notch engineers will be willing to help. This is an end-to-end service. We will help you from the very beginning in collecting user requirements through to the very end of product delivery. The service could be done either in-house or on-site depending on the situation. Depending on the contract terms, you can also be provided with all the source code and design documents. At the end, we can provide training which will allow to completely understand and own the application built by us.

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