Training Services

There are over 700,000 lines of code in JIDE component products. More than 450,000 lines are non-comments. What does the number mean exactly? The whole Swing package in JDK 6 (all classes under javax.swing package) has only 319,419 lines of code as in JDK 6. It means JIDE has the same amount of code as Swing has. It's not really a surprise because JIDE products cover almost every aspect of Java desktop development and greatly enhanced the desktop UI features on top of Swing. It's definitely not an easy thing to master it. So attending a training session is probably the fastest way to learn how to use JIDE.

In all the training sessions we provide, the trainers are the developers who actually wrote those JIDE components. So you are guaranteed to get the most from the trainers as they are the people who know JIDE the best.

Onsite Training Classes

The onsite training classes take place in your company training room. To save your the traveling expense, our trainer will bring all the training material and arrive at your site to do the training. This training class is designed for 5 to 10 developers. It can last from one day to three days, depending on which JIDE products you want to be trained. Each class will be customized to meet your team's special need. It will cover your product specific design that is related to the usage of JIDE components. You will find this training is very helpful after your company purchase many JIDE licenses and are about to heavily use it.

If you are interested in this onsite training class, please contact with the following information:

Number of developers to be in the training. We require minimum 5 people and maximum 10 people. If more than 10, we suggest you considering another training session so that each developer can get enough attention during the training.
What JIDE components to be covered. This will affect the length of the training, from one day to three days.
Your company address. This is the place where training will take place.
Preferred training date. At least two weeks ahead of time.
Confirmation the availability of a training room on your company site. We will use one of your company meeting rooms as the training room. Please make sure the meeting room has a projector that can connect to any laptop. We also highly recommend each developer bring a laptop because there will be lab session during the training.

Once we receive the information above, we will offer you a quote. For training location at lower 48 states in United States, the training fee is roughly $500 per person per day for the first five people, $400 per person per day for the next five people. The rate will include the trainer traveling and lodging expense. In the other word, you don't need to pay extra fee for the travel expense. For international locations, quote is upon request. If you agree with the quote, please submit the payment at least two weeks before the training date so that our trainer has enough time to schedule the trip.

Public Training Sessions

Once in a while, we will schedule a few public training sessions for those who want to learn more about JIDE. We will try to schedule those public training sessions in major metropolitan areas close to you. We will send our newsletter and ask for people if they are interested in. Then depending on the responses, we will schedule and finalize the location and date of the public training session.

Public training session is a standard two-day program. It will cover most of JIDE components. Even though it's not as customizable as the onsite training classes, we still allow certain level of customization to satisfy all the attendees as much as we can. The training fee is roughly $800 per person for two days, plus a variable fee to cover the rental of a training room. If your company can sponsor a training room, we will be happy to waive the training room fee.

For more details regarding our training service, please contact our services department at