Pricing and Licensing

A Single Developer License is required for each developer using our products. The Single Developer License includes three months free maintenance which includes both product updates and email technical support. If you need further support or upgrades after the free period, you need to renew it using Annual Maintenance Renewal.

General Licensing Policy

Please refer to the Software License Agreement for detailed license agreement and ensure you agree with it before making any purchase. If you have any question or concern about the agreement, please contact sales department

Once you had made the purchase a Single Developer License, you will get:

  • Free updates and upgrades for 3 months
  • Free email technical support for 3 months. We are in the Pacific US (GMT-8) time zone. During office hours, you are usually guaranteed to receive an email reply within one hour.
  • User name and password to access our product download page
  • Detailed documentation and javadoc to get you started
  • Over 200 examples with source code organized using ant build file and project files for major Java IDEs.

Single Developer License

Single Developer License allows an individual to use APIs provided by JIDE in any number of projects that he or she is working on. A Single Developer License may not be shared or used by more than one individual developer. In another word, we don't allow floating license model. In a project that uses JIDE, each individual developer on the project requires a separate Single Developer License as long as they need to access JIDE APIs.

Annual Maintenance Renewal

Maintenance includes both technical support and product updates. The initial purchase of Single Developer License includes three month maintenance for free. After that period, you need to purchase Annual Maintenance Renewal in order to continue receiving technical support, product updates.

Deployment License

There is usually no deployment fee (or run-time fee) for our products. However, in certain cases, a fee may be charged.

Case 1: If you need to expose our products API to your customers, you are basically getting our products at a cheaper price and reselling them to your customers. In this case, we will certainly charge a deployment license fee. The fee is negotiable.

Case 2: If your product has a large number of deployments, we may charge a one-time unlimited deployment license fee to cover our supporting overhead. However, we can always waive the fee if you are willing to acknowledge us in your application's splash screen, about dialog, documentation, company website, etc. You can read details of the deployment license in section 2.2 of the Software License Agreement.

Source Code License

We also provide source code licenses to customers. Different from developer license, source code license is licensed to a project. So for one project, you only need one source code license. For example, if you have three developers in one project that need to use JIDE API. You will of course need three single developer licenses for those three developers but you only need one source code license for all three developers. For more information about source code license such as pricing information, please contact our sales department. Please also read detail license terms of the source code license in section 2.3 of the Software License Agreement.

Volume Discount and Multiple-Product Discount

If you purchase more than five single developer licenses for any of our products, you will be given a volume discount. The more you purchase, the larger the discount. If you purchase one of the three product suite, you will be given a multiple-product discount which is considered in the product suite price already. There are no other multiple-product discount other than those three product suites.


For further information regarding pricing and licensing, please contact our sales department.