Technical Support

Customers are our first priority. We understand that you chose us not only because of the products we provide, but also because of our support. We always try our best to provide the best technical support we can to our customers.

There are several ways to get technical support from us. Here is how.


The forums have been in operation for several years now and contain thousands of posts. If you have any questions, you should first search the forum to see if someone else has asked the same or similar question. Every time you post something in the forum, our support staff will receive an e-mail notification, so you are assured of a timely response.


If you don't find any helpful information on the forum, you can either post your question there,  or send us an e-mail. Our support staff are monitoring e-mail all the time during regular business hours (GMT-8 PST). If you e-mail us during business hours, we will usually respond  within an hour. If it’s not during business hours, you should receive a response  in the first working hour of the following business day.

Please note, if your e-mail box automatically filters junk email (especially yahoo mail and hotmail), please make sure to add our e-mail addresses (,,, and etc) to your safe list.

Hints for submitting a bug report

Search the forum first to find out if someone else has submitted the same or similar bug.
Make sure it's not a Swing bug. Search in the bug parade website on the Java website or remove all references to JIDE classes and see if the bug still exists.
Make sure it's not a bug in your own code. The easiest way is to find out if you can reproduce the bug in one of our examples. You can change the example source code if necessary. It is highly recommended that you include the modified source code when submitting the bug.
If your maintenance is still active, always download and try the latest version before submitting.

JIDE Developer Forums

In addition to email communication, we have also prepared a forum. The JIDE support and sales team will check the forum everyday and answer any questions on it. Feel free to register an account and post messages. Please use your company email during registration so that we can keep track of the usage. If you’re worried about potential spam, please make sure to set "Always show my e-mail address:" to "No", so that other people cannot see your email address.

If you are a customer, after you register an account, please email us your user name so that we can grant you permission to access customer only areas.

Please use the "watch" feature of the forum. If you post in a certain thread, you will begin receiving e-mail notifications when another user replies to that same topic. In fact, you can "watch" any thread by clicking on the "Watch this topic" link at the bottom-right of the thread. We are using several special threads to post new releases. For example, we use the Release Announcement thread to announce any release including patch releases. If you are a customer, you should watch this thread. If you are still evaluating our products, how to evaluate JIDE products is the thread to watch, because every time we upload a new evaluation package, we will post a message there.