Statistical charts enhancement

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Statistical charts enhancement

Postby Ortelius » Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:50 am


I've been having some thoughts about creating statistical charts with the Jide library and wonder if you have any plans on implementing support for this. Today it's possible to perform both linear and polynomial (didn't knew this existed until today, nice!) regressions (but not exponential). What I'm asking for now is for a way to draw the confidence intervals for the fitted lines, as in this picture.

This page gives a brief explanation on how this is done. ... ession.htm

I could of course do this by my self, but since the calculations for doing this uses the result from the regression it self it would be nice if this was implemented in the charts API.

I also have some thoughts about if it would be possible to create a StatisticalChartModel class which can assist with plotting a probability density function and/or the cfd based on given data, and also calculate and plot the corresponding normal approximation, poisson approximation or any other of the well known distributions.

This is just some thoughts I've been having, at the moment we don't have any plans on implementing these features in our application, but I think we might some time in the future. I understand that this probably is a big enhancement, but it sure would be fun :D
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Re: Statistical charts enhancement

Postby » Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:53 pm

Making it easy to generate charts with confidence intervals is a good idea, so yes I think there is scope for us to include something in this area. I will do some experimenting and let you know if/when we intend to add further support.
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