Our Company

JIDE Software is a privately held software company focusing on providing rich client solutions and services using Java technology. Founded in 2002, JIDE Software has developed 17 products and over 200 professional Swing components that cover almost every aspect of Java/Swing development.

With more than 2000 customers in over 70 countries worldwide, JIDE Software is the clear market leader. Many companies are depending on technologies JIDE provides to build their applications or frameworks, deliver their customers a polished user interface, and simplify their in-house development.

Our customer base spans across all industries. Typical uses of our solutions includes

  • Build software development tools and applications for software developers
  • Build software application which requires rich client user interface in industries such as CRM, ERP, Data Management, Semiconductor, Finance, Analytics, Telecommunications, Biotech etc.
  • Build in-house application framework and share it across the whole company
  • Provide customized solutions and services on top of our solutions

For further information about our company, please contact info@jidesoft.com.