• JideFX Beta Release

    by  • June 6, 2013 • JavaFX, JIDE, JideFX

    Today, we are glad to announce the beta release of the JideFX, a suite of products that are targeted for the emerging JavaFX platform. In this release, we introduce six products/projects. All six of them are open sourced on github. The proejcts are: Open Source Projects JideFX Common: Contains Searchable, IntelliHints, ShapedPopup and a bunch of utilities JideFX Converters: A collection of ObjectConverters which are now compatible with JavaFX StringConverter JideFX Comparators: collection of comparators JideFX Decoration: Inject a decoration node to any existing node without affecting the layout JideFX Validation: Provides complete validation support for any JavaFX controls JideFX Fields: Contains several TextField and ComboBoxBase subclasses such as MaskTextField, FormattedTextField, many PopupFields, FormattedComboBoxes, and Spinners for different data types. In addition to those products, we have a few more JideFX products that are currently in the pipeline including JideFX Grids, JideFX Docking, JideFX Pivot Grid. We will release them whenever they are ready. We are excited about the new JavaFX technology. Hopefully together we can make it even better. Please feel free to let us know about what you think about our JideFX products, new ideas, or JavaFX in general, just like you have been doing in the area of Swing for the past 10 years or so. There would be no JIDE without your help. Since JavaFX is still a work in progress, we built our products on top of JDK 8 and JavaFX 8 early access releases so that we can leverage the latest features from this new technology. So, in order to try out these products, you will have to download the latest EA release from https://jdk8.java.net/download.html. We will keep JideFX in sync with the latest JDK 8 EA so that the latest version will always work with the latest JDK 8 EA. The JDK 8 will be formally released in a couple of months which will give us enough time to complete our beta phase. The beta evaluation release can be downloaded from here. The link is password protected. Please email me or sales@jidesoft.com asking for the access information. In the meantime, you can read the developer guides at the links below to see the features and screenshots. JideFX Common Layer Developer Guide JideFX Decoration Developer Guide JideFX Validation Developer Guide JideFX Fields Developer Guide JideFX Converters Developer Guide MaskTextField and FormattedTextField FormattedComboBoxes and PopupFields Validation and Decoration We are looking forward for your feedbacks!